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Working together with families and community, Centerpoint School District will provide our students with quality educational experiences through high academic standards and an engaged staff in a safe and inviting environment.

SCHOOL CHOICE Public Announcement

School Choice Applications Being Accepted at Centerpoint

The Centerpoint School District is accepting students under the Arkansas Public School Choice Act of 2013. Parents of students not residing within the boundaries of Centerpoint School District who would like for their children to attend Centerpoint Schools under Arkansas Public School Choice Act can obtain a formal application at the superintendent's office located at 755HWY 8 East, Amity, AR 71921, the principal’s office at Centerpoint Primary in Glenwood or Centerpoint Intermediate in Amity, or call 870-356-2912.  

Applications will be accepted until June 1.  Parents will be notified by August 1 of the decision to accept or deny their request.


Centerpoint Primary Schedules Kindergarten Registration - April 17, 2014

DATE: 02/17/14

Centerpoint Primary  School will hold  kindergarten registration on April 17, 2014, from 2:00 to 6:00 PM in the Centerpoint Primary cafeteria.   During registration, parents and students will tour the classrooms and be given information to take home.

Be sure to check the Arkansas law/regulations concerning age and birthdates as shown below to know if it’s time to enroll your child:

Children may enter kindergarten in an Arkansas public school if they will attain the age of five (5) years on or before August 1 of the year in which they are seeking initial enrollment. According to Ark. Code Ann. § 6-18-208, "(a) Prior to a child's admission to an Arkansas public school, a school district shall request the parent guardian, or other responsible person to furnish the child's social security number and shall inform the parent, guardian, or other responsible person that, in the alternative, they may request that the school district assign the child a nine-digit number designated by the Department of Education. (b) Prior to a child's admission to Arkansas public school, the parent, guardian, or responsible person shall provide the school district with one (1) of the following documents indicating the child's age: (1) A birth certificate; (2) A statement by the local registrar or a county recorder certifying the child's date of birth; (3) An attested baptismal certificate;(4) A passport; (5) An affidavit of the date and place of birth by the child's parent or guardian; (6) Previous school records; or (7) A United States military identification."

For answers to question, please call 870-356-3206

May Regular School Board Meeting - Monday, May 12, 2014

The regular monthly meeting of the Centerpoint Board of Education will be held on Monday, May 12, 2014, beginning at 6:00 p.m. in the high school library/media center.  The public is encouraged to attend.

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